Monday, April 25, 2011

For want of a retina, the majority crumbles

An amazing story out of the Colorado statehouse illustrating the dangers of narrow majorities: State Rep. Larry Liston, a Republican from Colorado Springs, just had surgery for a detached retina. His ophthalmologist told him he's not allowed to go above 7,000 feet for the next two weeks while it heals. This means he can't drive up to the Capitol in Denver, as I-25 exceeds that altitude at one point.

With Liston, the Republicans have a 33-32 majority. Now, the chamber has no majority party for the next two weeks, with just 2 1/2 weeks left in the legislative session. And there's a lot of legislative business still to finish. Add to that the fact that Democrats control the state senate and the governor's office, and there's a lot of pressure on Liston's retina.

(h/t Scott Adler)

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Chris C. said...

Google Maps tells me that it's an extra 2 hours on the drive into the plains to avoid crossing the (magic?) 7,000 ft barrier, so that's not too bad.