Monday, April 30, 2007

Attention 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

As I understand it, one piece of evidence cited by 9/11 conspiracy theorists is that fire can't melt steel. Thus the fires generated by burning aircraft fuel and office papers couldn't have possibly brought down the World Trade Center buildings. As the great structural engineer Rosie O'Donnell said, "For the first time in history, steel was melted by fire. It is physically impossible."

Well, yesterday, a chunk of freeway overpass in Oakland collapsed. It collapsed because a fuel truck had crashed and exploded, and the resulting fires - you guessed it - melted the steel in the overpass. It happens, folks. A steel girder holding up hundreds of tons of concrete doesn't have to melt to a pool of liquid. It just has to weaken, and intense heat will do that.

Okay, I guess this is the second time in history.


lidzville said...

The statistic I'd like to see is a count of the number of welders in the 9/11 conspiracy crowd.

Anonymous said...

lidzville said...

"The statistic I'd like to see is a count of the number of welders in the 9/11 conspiracy crowd"
Craig sez: "unusual yes, but asphalt, weight and proximity/sustained fire with continuing supply of fuel is different, fellers...y'all acting like big fire consumes metal everyday. Cutting torches produce fire but they are very specialized, and only work if the mix is just so, and very localized. They have to be the right mix and in the right place. Metal a foot or two away of a sheet never gets anywhere near the temperature to even bend, and often you can pick it up in a few just doesnt heat up enough. The massive number of beams (47core columns) in the trade towers acted as a heat sink, drawing off the heat. This overpass has a fire where the heat had no where to go but directly at a critical junction, the beams become extremely hot, encased. Whereas the fuel in the towers burnt up in a short period: firemen were at the crash site shortly and called in that they only needed a couple units to knock it down! Here, the metal loses it's ability to draw off the heat, the entire length of the beams, encased with massive weight on top of them, became heated and sagged with the weight of the roadway pushing down -it was cooked from all sides plus the massive venturi effect from it's location, the asphalt burning above, trapping and creating more heat...well...a very specific set of circumstances in play here.

But, most of all, please notice that the concrete here didn't disappear like it did in the WTC 1 and 2 towers! It didnt turn to micron size dust...firemen at the recovery said they didnt find bodies or computer parts or much of anything but metal and DUST. FINE, talcum powder like dust, like what occurred all over Seattle when they blew up the Kingdome. Same diff. But not here. WHy is that, if you are comparing this event to the destruction of the Three buildings on 9-11?
I hope you can someday --soon-- realize that our government has a number of cold blooded killers in it, and that your country is in danger. We need you!