Monday, December 15, 2008

Ken Salazar to Interior

This sounds like a good appointment to me. I was concerned about Ken's brother being nominated to Agriculture, but it looks like that's not happening. John's congressional district would, I think, probably go Republican in a special election. But a reasonably strong Democratic appointee to fill out Ken's Senate term could probably hold onto the seat in '10.

Who should get that appointment? Personally, I'm hoping that state Sen. Ken Gordon gets appointed to secretary of state and that outgoing speaker Andrew Romanoff gets the U.S. Senate seat. I understand he's eager to get back to private life and even passed up an easy run for state senate this year, but he's also a skilled pol and it would be really hard to pass up an opportunity like this. One small problem -- Romanoff endorsed Hillary. But that might be water under the bridge at this point.

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