Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bork Bork!

Okay, this is exciting. During the Inauguration, I sat next to a journalist for the Swedish publication Expressen. He decided to give me a quick interview and take my picture. We didn't get to speak for very long, but it turns out he used me in the article. Here's the left page of a two-page layout on the Inauguration:
I actually have had my picture in the paper before, but never on the same page as the First Lady and Bruce Springsteen.


Anonymous said...

So, is there an English translation of this article?? I want to read it!

Seth Masket said...

Hmm... here's the Google translation, but I'm pretty sure I didn't say what they said I said.

Eric Rubin said...

i love your mug shot - this is fuckin hilarious!