Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to pick a candidate in a low-information, nonpartisan race

The runoff contest in the Denver mayoral race is between two mainstream Democrats, each with an impressive array of endorsers, substantial funding, highly similar positions on most issues facing the city, and roughly equal place in the polls. How does one make a informed choice between them? I have a useful indicator: former undergraduate students of mine are now staffers for each of the candidates. I can infer qualities of the candidates from qualities of the students. The trick is, on what basis shall I judge the students? Ideology? Grade point average? Manners?


Kim Dionne said...

yes, to those things, but also whatever your gut says about these former students. why does it have to be any one thing? what do you have against multivariate regression?

Seth Masket said...

Sure, we are living in a multivariate world, and I'm a multivariate girl. But how to weight the different variables?