Monday, April 14, 2008

Woo hoo! Screw the Prohibitionists!

Sunday liquor sales are finally legal in Colorado.

From the governor's office:
Gov. Bill Ritter today signed Senate Bill 82 into law, repealing a 75-year-old prohibition against Sunday alcohol sales at liquor stores. Colorado now becomes the 35th state to permit Sunday retail sales of beer, wine and spirits.

The new law, sponsored by Sen. Jennifer Veiga and Rep. Cheri Jahn, takes effect July 1.

"This is a law whose time has finally come." Gov. Ritter said. "The ban on Sunday sales was an antiquated law that long ago outlived its usefulness or relevance. Everything we know about modern consumer demand says the people of Colorado want the conveniences, options and choices this law will bring. This is about stepping into the 21st Century."

Practical effects on me:
  • I no longer have to plan ahead when invited to a Sunday BBQ or dinner party.
  • More of my students will be hung over on Mondays.
Also, it means double-fisted Hillary can campaign here on Sundays.

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