Saturday, April 12, 2008

Whither the egghead?

I was somewhat surprised to see this report in today's Rocky Mountain News. There's a nice graph in there (see below) that breaks down donations to Obama and Clinton by profession. (I can't seem to get this info out of the FEC or Open Secrets, so kudos to the Rocky for figuring that out.) Within Colorado, professors have given $19,000 to Clinton and $23,000 to Obama. First point: these numbers are absurdly low. I know there aren't a ton of professors in the state, and none of us make a ton of money, but come on, people. Second point: I expected academics to lean Obama, but I'm surprised how close that is. In fact, most of the other professions listed lean Obama by a much larger margin.

Aren't Obama supporters supposed to be the modern incarnation of the "Adlai, I love you madly" crowd? Shouldn't that include the pointy-headed liberal academics?

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