Sunday, April 27, 2008

On becoming a delegate

I attended a Q&A session run by my county party yesterday devoted to informing candidates for national convention delegate seats about the realities of the race. I've survived the hurdles thus far. That is, on caucus night, I got elected as a delegate to the county convention, and there, I got elected as a delegate to both the state convention and the 1st congressional district convention. But the final stage looks to be the most formidable.

The state Democratic convention will be held on May 17th at the World Arena in Colorado Springs. Roughly 9,000 people (5,000 delegates + 4,000 alternates) are expected to attend. Of those, some 1,600 have filed as candidates for at-large national delegates, and only 12 will be elected. Just how does one campaign in such an environment? They're going to turn away people without credentials, so it won't do me any good to bring in volunteers. There's talk of allowing each candidate a minute to speak, but that would mean a 27-hour convention.

The environment will be slightly better at the district convention, at which about 265 people will be campaigning for 6 convention seats, only three of which can go to men. I can bring volunteers to this one. Somehow, I've got to bring enough fliers and buttons and distinguish myself in such a way that people remember my name when it comes to the vote.

I'm not sure what to do for a flier. I saw a flier for someone else who's running. He's an elderly pastor. The flier is filled with photos of him marching with Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King, Jr. I just don't have that kind of art. I have pictures of me and Bill Clinton, but I don't know if that will endear me to the Obama folks. I think my picture of me and Fabio will be the best I can do.

Also, I need to come up with a catchy slogan for myself. I think I should play up the professor angle -- there won't be too many other PhDs running. Any suggestions? I've only had a few...
  • The doctor is in!
  • I'm not gay, but I'll learn.
  • My momma likes Obama.
  • I'll eat my own puke before I vote for Hillary.
Still working on it...

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APP said...

I'm 33% less sanctimonious than other professors.*

*Claim not valid in Idaho, Rhode Island or Finland.