Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not safe to go back in the water

I must've watched Jaws II about a dozen times on ON-TV as a kid, which would explain why, when I saw parts of it last night, I seemed to know just about every line of dialogue. And you know what? The movie's not that good. The first Jaws only seems to get better with age; the second one now just looks like a generic 70s teen horror flick. Kids disobey their parents and sneak out to try to have sex, so a monster eats them. Yawn.

That said, if you enjoy watching people tie knots, Jaws II is a real treat. It's about the knot-tyingest flick I've ever seen. Oh, also, the shark eats a helicopter, which is pretty novel.

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Anonymous said...

It was the essential bridge to Jaws III- 3D. That, and the shark eating a helicopter, make it all worthwhile. Also, nice sideways participation in Shark Week! Bravo!