Monday, July 7, 2008

Obama at Invesco

It's official -- the final night of the Democratic convention, including Obama's acceptance speech, will occur at Invesco Field, home of the Broncos and more than 70,000 seats. Personally, I like this move. It's nice symbolically, opening up the convention to more people. Plus it takes advantage of Obama's arena-rocker-like appeal. I mean, while it would be great to talk to Springsteen one-on-one or have a beer with U2, those guys kick the most ass in giant arenas. Same with Obama.

I understand that this move is not without precedent. The 1960 Democratic convention was held in the L.A. Sports Arena, but JFK accepted the nomination at the Coliseum.

How the hell are we delegates going to vote at Invesco? This should be interesting.

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