Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's looking like Hillary

It seems like there's been a slew of insider endorsements for Hillary Clinton lately. Here in Colorado, Wellington Webb, Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff, and House Majority Leader Alice Madden just announced for Hillary. Out in California, Hillary picked up the endorsement of Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. These are major players, and she's doing notably well at courting prominent African American leaders.

The big one for her still to land is Maxine Waters. Waters would probably prefer not to endorse the same way as Dymally. On the other hand, Hillary did just pick up the endorsement of Rep. Laura Richardson, who just won her seat with Waters' help. I'm guessing that Richardson wouldn't have gone that way if Waters hadn't said it was okay. So that's something.

Although he's getting less press, John Edwards has been amassing his own impressive collection of endorsements over the past year, mainly from unions. But Edwards hit a stumble today when the SEIU decided to postpone its endorsement. That endorsement should be his. Maybe it'll come tomorrow, maybe not, but that's still not a good sign for Edwards.

Obama is still quite popular, but he just isn't getting much in the way of endorsements. Probably his best shot would be with the prominent African American politicos, but Hillary is doing very well among that set. So if you believe the Cohen/Karol/Noel/Zaller argument that primaries go to the candidate with the prominent endorsements (rather than the cash or the popularity), things are definitely leaning Hillary's way lately.

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