Monday, June 23, 2008

Must... not... mock... other... delegates...

Mocking other delegates can only bring about bad karma that will eventually bite me in the ass, but this is too good to resist. The Rocky is doing profiles of Colorado's GOP delegates, and there's a delegate from Castle Rock who suspects divine influence in her selection:
Is this your first time as a national delegate? Yes

How did you campaign? Why do you think you were picked? My friends and I prayed. I printed up fliers citing experience and recommendations from friends, and I stuffed them into the delegates' tote bags prior to the state convention. As for why I was picked, it could be part of God's plan, or could be that my qualifications and political viewpoints as listed on the flier were convincing.

Dream ticket: Tom Tancredo and Jesus Christ. Tom could do the hard, controversial work and Jesus could inspire the populace to work toward something bigger than themselves.

The good folks at ColoradoPols handle the "God's plan" part nicely:

There's hubris, and then there's believing that it is God's great plan for you to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention. It's hard to believe that God wants certain teams to win football games instead of other teams, and it's really hard to believe that God wants you to go to Minneapolis to cast a vote for a race that has already been decided. Hopefully God is a little busier than that.
And as for the dream ticket, is the idea that Christ would be Tancredo's vice president? Would He be okay with that arrangement? And if Christ is on the ticket, what exactly does Tancredo bring to the table? It sounds like that arrangement in "Last Temptation" where Jesus asked Judas (the film's hero) to do the really hard stuff, like turn him in to the Romans. But I doubt that's what our delegate was going for.

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