Sunday, December 14, 2008

Honestly, what kind of a man throws a shoe?

From now on, all visitors to the president will be barefoot.

Adding: The thrower had really good aim and a very short "reload" time, suggesting to me that this was not his first time throwing a shoe. Have you ever thrown a shoe? It's kind of hard to get a good grip unless you really know what you're doing.

Also, Bush's reflexes were excellent.


Anonymous said...

What a loser. And I don't mean Bush ...even though I'm hugely in the minority on this site! ;-)

I agree about the quick reflexes - that was my first thought as well.

One of the reporters got a black eye from a microphone? I hope shoe-thrower got a matching one.

Anonymous said...

I think the secret service didn't react because no one wanted to go down in security history as the guy who took a loafer for the President.

Seth Masket said...

I'd pay real money to be at the Secret Service debriefing on this.

Meanwhile, best line I've seen on this topic: "The insurgency is in its last throws."

Anonymous said...

I'd pay real money (if I had any) to throw a shoe. I'd go for a stiletto.

But then, I'm a bad person.


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