Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cylons are flip-floppers

Excellent BSG post over at Lawyers, Guns and Money about why the permanent alliance with the Cylons is a terrible idea. I basically agree with all the points, but this one stood out for me:
Thus far, the Cylon have changed policy towards the Colonial government five times. The Cylon began the war by initiating a campaign of genocide against the colonials. They continued to pursue this campaign until, quite suddenly, the Cylon shifted to a policy of disengagement. This policy continued for about a year, until the Cylon undertook a policy which could be best described as benevolent despotism. Shortly after the failure of the despotism option, the Cylons resumed pursuit of genocide. After once again failing to accomplish genocide, the Cylon split between pro- and anti- genocide factions. More recently, the anti-genocide faction began throwing humans out the airlock of the base star, and training its weapons on the fleet.
If you want to talk about some temporary marriage of convenience, like the US and USSR teaming up to fight the Nazis, fine. But the idea that the Colonials should be responsible for the safety and well being of the Cylons with the latter given full citizenship rights is nuts. Tom Zarek was an extremist, but that doesn't make him wrong.

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