Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gov. Sanford's disappearance

Here's one scenario I have in mind. Imagine this conversation between Governor Sanford and a staffer last week.
Sanford: "See you guys later."
Staffer: "Where are you going, Governor?"
Sanford: "I'm hitting the Appalachian Trail."
At least that's what the staffer thought he heard. In a Southern drawl, spoken in a hurry, "hitting the Appalachian Trail" sounds a lot like "getting some Argentinean tail."

Update: Nailed it.


Jeremy said...

Hahaha, totally called it too. Did you know about this Sanford's announcement this afternoon before posting that?

Seth Masket said...

Lucky guess.

Eric Rubin said...

what stock should i invest in? you're on a roll, help a cuz out!

Seth Masket said...

Okay, my other forecasts: Obama will eat a hamburger. Michelle Bachmann will complain about fluoridation.