Monday, December 7, 2009

Handicapping the Colorado governor's race

Fox31's Ron Zappolo interviewed me regarding the governor's race, and also a bit on the Senate race. If you don't know Ron Zappolo, he, according to his show's website, "sits down with Colorado's biggest newsmakers, politicians, athletes and celebrities." And me.

Update: I just wanted to add that the interview, which I thought went well, was different from what I expected. Zappolo was treating the nomination stage as over for both the gubernatorial and Senate races, which I don't think they are. Romanoff's Senate candidacy should not be taken lightly, and McInnis may face some sort of challenge from the right. I figured I would be asked about this stuff, and I regret not volunteering the info.


Lidzville said...

Is that set actually inside a Pier1 Imports? Because I'm not sure there were enough vases.

Seth Masket said...

No one told me ahead of time, but I think I was supposed to bring him a vase.