Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pirate Radio

"Pirate Radio" was not a great movie. It covered a great topic, but the movie just couldn't figure out what it wanted to be or say. As my friend Nancy said, it was a really confused cross between "Almost Famous," "Titanic," and "Austin Powers." I'd throw "Good Morning Vietnam" in there, as well, as that movie nicely portrayed DJs as rebellious heroes. "Pirate Radio" sought to do that, but ended up just making them look like a bunch of horny, pot-smoking creeps who like listening to music. That's a fun lifestyle, but it ain't heroic.

For reasons I don't quite get, Roger Ebert liked the film. But I thank him for referring me to "Radio Caroline," under the "Alternative Rock" category on iTunes radio. Good mix.


Mr. Grue said...

What? No "Pump Up The Volume"?

Seth Masket said...

Good point, Grue. Yet another movie "Pirate Radio" failed to be.