Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rare photos of famous people

These are mesmerizing.  (h/t Ezra)  And yeah, that's the cast of "Star Wars."


Anonymous said...

Is that Prowse to the left of Mayhew, or t'other way round?

Seth Masket said...

I believe Prowse is wearing the glasses.

Eric Rubin said...

harrison ford looks like a young, coked-out george w. bush

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the really giant one must be Mayhew. But I'm used to seeing him (out of costume) with his ridiculous giant Doctor-Teeth-And-The-Electric-Mayhem hair.

I guess they didn't invite Anthony Daniels.

Give Lucas and his programmers another few years and they'll clumsily photocopy Hayden Christensen's face on top of Prowse's.

word verification: extry. As in "That there platter comes with extry fries!"

Anonymous said...

Those were amazing. I think my favorite was Brando with the cat on his shoulders. There was also a lot of camel toe in the 60s and 70s, I noticed.


Seth Masket said...

It was also a good reminder of what a complete freak David Bowie was.