Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Denver County Democratic Convention

I spent yesterday at the county Democratic convention. The main item of controversy there was, of course, the Bennet/Romanoff Senate contest. So it was sort of like the Obama/Clinton split at the county convention two years ago, only without the acrimony. I just saw very little tension between the candidates' supporters. Pretty much everyone there likes Romanoff and also thinks Bennet is doing a fine job as senator. But even in terms of seating, there didn't seem to be the kind of self-segregation I encountered two years ago.

There was one interesting moment of tension. Former mayor Wellington Webb got a few boos when he praised Bennet's handling of Manual High back when Bennet was DPS superintendant. Webb yelled back, telling the booers to go to East High where the county Republicans were meeting.

Romanoff took the county convention 65-35, echoing a pattern in just about every county I've seen in which Romanoff has improved his numbers over caucus night.

I got picked as a delegate to next month's state convention, so I'll report more on that.

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