Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I hope my publications follow a different trajectory

Via Brendan Nyhan, here's Marginal Revolution's chart of the remarkably steady decline in the quality of M. Night Shyamalan's films:
Okay, it's not perfectly linear.  "Signs" is the only case of a film being ranked more highly than its predecessor (although I think I'd prefer "Unbreakable" slightly).  But it's impressive.  And kinda sad.  Is this typical for creative artists?

I assume his next film will be a remake of "Xanadu."  There's no other way to continue the trend.


Anonymous said...

I figure that next he's going to adapt the Eye of Argon.

JHB said...

Xanadu? Feh. Dune. This time, with Sting playing all the characters.

Marc said...

Xanadu with Bruce Willis and a crazy twist ending might actually rule. But M. Night should remake Vertigo. He probably thinks he could improve it. Truth is that right under one of those "Airbender sucks" articles the other day, HuffingtonPost reported "Christina Applegate Pregnant With Fiance." I thought, "well isn't that a helluva thing?" and clicked there instead, but it wasn't half that.

Seth Masket said...

It turns out Bruce Willis was gay the entire time?

This actually has potential. I see Scarlett Johansen as the Muse and Christopher Walken in the Gene Kelly role. (He can dance!) Olivia should be given a cameo as Hera.