Monday, August 9, 2010

Ballot TRACE

As part of Denver's current mail-in voting system, the city is maintaining a website called Ballot TRACE (Tracking, Reporting, And Communication Engine).  You enter your name and birth date, and it tells you the status of your ballot.  As the readout at left notes, my ballot for Tuesday's primary has been received and recorded.  As an added bonus, you can have the site e-mail you or text you with ballot updates.

This strikes me as a pretty modest, inexpensive step an elections division can take to increase voters' confidence.  Kudos.


Kevin said...

Will data from this system on when ballots are recorded be available post-election? I could imagine it being useful either in terms of including when a person voted in the voter file or in the form of a day-by-day tally of votes by precinct.

Seth Masket said...

I kind of figured that information was already available in the voter files. But I don't know for sure.