Wednesday, October 13, 2010


While certainly not ignoring my cake-baking responsibilities, I'm attempting a few forays into the pie world.  A successful apple-picking trip in Penrose, Colorado, yielded a surplus of apples, and I've baked a few of them into pies using this surprisingly simple recipe.  (I'd recommend adding dashes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla to the mix.)  A recent sample can be seen at left.  I'm not yet baking my own crusts, but I suppose that's the next goal.

PS: Just to get a sense of the challenges that lie before me, check out Sherry Zaks' cake page.


Anonymous said...

just to be sure: you've seen , right?

marc said...

The crust recipe (and the whole recipe, really) from "Sam's Apple Pie," Saveur Cooks American, never, ever lets me down:

Also, Nuria says if you don't make your own crust you are not American. She may be saying that as a simple statement of fact, as she herself does not make her own crust, and is not American.