Sunday, May 1, 2011

Actually, Gary, maybe it's just you

Gary Hart, in today's Denver Post:
In my experience, endorsements don't turn out votes. I have endorsed candidates in the past. I don't think I turned one vote.

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Dodger Dog said...

Had the good fortune of having dinner with him and a small group in early spring of 2005 (I think) after he spoke to my class and I asked him about his noteworthy endorsement of Kerry.

He did it via conference call with the Kerry campaign. As he described it, the Kerry Campaign arranged the call and then after he announced his endorsement the campaign people left the line. So he was left on with the the press. The press asked him if he thought his endorsement mattered, and he replied "no"! That became part of the story.

We also asked him why he endorsed Kerry (given his opposition to the war which Kerry supported) and he said two reasons: 1. he had given Kerry his word months earlier. 2. Kerry was the only one who asked!