Thursday, September 25, 2008

Attack ad

If McCain has suspended his campaign, why did I just see a McCain attack ad on TV? And why was he attacking Obama on the financial crisis, the very subject that caused him to allegedly suspend his campaign?

Update: Ah, it's not just me. Suggested question for anyone who gets to talk to McCain today: "Senator, in what sense have you suspended your campaign?"


Eric Rubin said...

McAncient is a chump. have you noticed his eyes lately. he looks sluggish, old, and weary. he may not make it to Nov. 4.

Just out of curiousity, what would happen if the old bag kicked it before the election. would romney or huckabee get the nod?

Seth said...

That would actually be up to the RNC, however they chose to constitute themselves. There's no order of succession for a party ticket, so Palin wouldn't automatically become the party's presidential nominee. Presumably, they'd go with someone like Romney, who appears to have his act together and could solidify party support pretty quickly. Then again, who the hell knows?