Friday, September 19, 2008

Matthews on the responsibilities of partisans

This is really a remarkable clip. Chris Matthews appears visibly angry over Republicans who are posing as outsiders when they are, in fact, of the same party as the current president (who's been eerily silent lately). Matthews lectures Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) on his responsibilities as a member of the GOP. Watch.


Eric Rubin said...

republicans are a joke. it drives me nuts!!

lidzville said...

This question of "where's Bush" has come up a lot in the European press. The idea that the leaders of the country aren't front and center during this kind of week totally baffles people here, who have been asking me about it constantly. I have no idea what to tell them.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! It's funny to come here and listen to the liberal echo chamber.

I find it difficult for Masket to call himself a "scientist" when his partisan blinders are so thick. How can you trust anything this guy finds in his "analyses"?

struwwelpeter said...

I know we shouldn't feed the trolls (so feel free to delete this), but I can't help but comment about how hilariously awesome that last one was. It's as though anonymous isn't even trying anymore, because it really reads like a lame attempt at parodying conservative talking point. Beware the "scientist" in his "ivory tower" who can't see anything anyway because he has "blinders" on. Scare quotes are fun! Also on the parody level is the fact that anonymous can't be bothered to actually find any of the publications and show how truly, deeply, and fundamentally flawed they are because of Prof. Masket's partisan approach to everything ever.

More on subject, I appreciate what Matthews is trying to do here. He's a blowhard, but he's right. I suspect reason why we haven't seen much of Bush (he was much more visible as fan-in-chief at the Olympics) is that the same reason why no one talked about him at the convention. The more Bush's name is in the news, the more likely McCain is to lose in November.