Monday, September 1, 2008

I wondered if Denny's ever closed...

Posted without comment:
MODESTO, Calif. — Police say a man tried to cut off his own arm at a restaurant in Modesto, Calif., because he thought he had injected air into a vein while shooting cocaine and feared he would die unless he took drastic action.

Authorities say 33-year-old Michael Lasiter rushed into the Denny's restaurant late Friday and started stabbing himself in one arm with a butter knife he grabbed from a table.

They say that when that knife didn't work Lasiter took a butcher knife from the kitchen and dug it into his arm.

Police Sgt. Brian Findlen says Lasiter told officers he thought he needed to amputate his arm to keep himself from dying from the cocaine injection.

Lasiter was taken to a hospital for treatment of severe cuts.

The Denny's closed for the night.


Lidzville said...

You don't seriously think they close Denny's every time there's a little coked-up knife-play in one of the bathrooms, do you? What really happened is he tried to substitute two more bacon strips for his hash browns, and got *really* insistent about it.

Seth said...

I guess. I once tried to gouge my own eyes out after eating a Moons Over My Hammy, but no one kicked me out of the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Your own eyes? Nah, not for your own eyes.