Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is Sarah messing with us?

The latest clip of the Katie Couric-Sarah Palin interview reveals an exchange in which Palin (a.k.a. Bible Spice) is asked what newspapers or magazines she reads, and she can't name any. She claims to read stuff all the time, but she can't name a single one, not even Newsweek, USA Today, or the Anchorage Daily News. I don't think it's possible that she's never read a newspaper or magazine. (She was a journalism major!) So two alternate theories present themselves:
  1. She's broken. By this point in the interview, her confidence is completely shattered. She knows she's blown it on national TV, and she's just barely keeping it together. So she forgets simple things, which happens to all of us when we're near break point.
  2. She's totally messing with us. A student of mine has a theory that she's been trying to aggressively lower expectations for the VP debate, so she intentionally blew the Couric interview the way a pool shark throws the first few games.
I've been favoring #1 lately, but #2 is sounding increasingly plausible.

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Anonymous said...

she just didn't want to say guns and ammo.

Also, did you catch that she called homosexuality a choice? I got 5 text messages about it in the 20 minutes after it aired just on this topic.

In an interesting note, my boyfriend coaches competitive youth soccer for over-privileged suburban kids and about 3 weeks ago a group of 11 yr old with republican parents could not stop talking about how old Biden was (they couldn't tell him how old McCain was when he asked). We really need to pay more attention to what 11 y.o. are saying...it will give us insight into the McCain/Palin strategy.