Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poor Joe

Ezra Klein on Joe Lieberman:
Eight years ago, you were the vice presidential nominee. Four years ago, you were begging Democrats for their presidential nomination. Two years ago, you were defeated in a Democratic primary. Now you're at the Republican convention. Lieberman is at the Xcel Center for much the reason that my a goldfish spends his days in a neon castle: He has nowhere else to go.


Jeremy said...

I think he's gunning for a cabinet position. He's an opportunist and this is the last opportunity for him (as Klein kind of says I guess). Nowhere else to go indeed.

Eric Rubin said...

brilliant. Loved how unhappy the delegates seemed during his speech. I couold read their mind: "Who invited the jew to our convention and god damn it, i thought we were gonna be able to see his horns from here."

Anonymous said...

If he were an opportunist he would have voted for the war when it was popular and then turned against it when it was unpopular, like most of the Democrats in the Senate from Hillary to Kerry to Reid to Biden to Lieberman's colleague Chris Dodd. Lieberman made his life a lot harder and risked an otherwise safe Senate seat by not doing this.