Saturday, May 31, 2008


Today's Rocky Mountain News has some entertaining stories and photos from the 1908 Democratic National Convention, which was held, of course, in Denver. One curious story was that among the convention attendees was Alice Roosevelt Longworth, the daughter of Republican President Teddy Roosevelt and the future wife of Rep. Nicholas Longworth (R-OH). Alice apparently came as a guest of William Jennings Bryan's daughter, Ruth. The Rocky correctly notes that this would be much like Jenna Bush attending this year's Democratic convention as a guest of Chelsea Clinton. Weird.

Another thing I found odd was this photo of Bryan (left), taken outside the Denver Democratic Club. He's dressed a wee bit warm for Denver in July, isn't he? Shouldn't that have tipped people off that there was something wrong with the prospective nominee? No? Okay, how about his previous two general election losses? Still no?

Okay, how about his uncanny resemblance to Denver madame Mattie Silks, operator of the brothel at 20th and Market streets?

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