Friday, November 13, 2009

Palin got screwed

An interesting tidbit from Sarah Palin's new book:

Palin comes across as particularly upset about being stuck with $50,000 in legal bills that she says were directly related to the legal vetting process for the VP slot. She says she was never informed that she would have to personally take care of expenses related to the selection process, and jokes that if she'd known she was going to get stuck with the bill, she would have given shorter responses.

According to the book, Palin asked officials at the Republican National Committee and what was left of the McCain campaign if they would help her financially. She says she was told that if McCain had won, the bills would have been paid, but since he lost, the bills were her responsibility.

A few questions:

  1. Palin was vetted?
  2. Who got $50,000 to vet her? Next time around, I'll do it for $40,000.
  3. Is that a standard practice, to charge a VP candidate for her own vetting unless the ticket wins? That seems like dirty pool to me.


Sajal said...

As to questions:

If Palin was vetted $50K was clearly not enough cause they missed a lot.

I think the RNC and McCain campaign were looking for anyway to shaft her once they lost. Perhaps some "Tea Parties" might be a way to raise money for the Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund.

Robert said...

I get the sense from what this said, as well as a reaction I read from the RNC, that the $50K she is talking about is legal fees she incurred from her lawyers in relation to the vetting. So, on the one hand, that means that $50K is just a fraction of the total amount spend on the vetting. So, you know, ye gods! But also, it sounds a bit more reasonable for the RNC to say that they're not going to pay her legal bills as opposed to sticking her with their expenses.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope whoever did the vetting spent some of the 50k on malpractice insurance, because that was clearly not 50k worth of quality work.


But in any case, Palin's plaint is ridiculous. She is going to turn a massive profit on having been selected by John McCain. It's the best - and the worst - thing that has happened in her life. She is going to live off McCain's folly for years.