Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coupla things

  • There's a fine new poli sci blog called YouGov featuring interesting pieces by Larry Bartels (who explains how it's somehow a losing political issue to tax a very small percent of the population) and Lynn Vavreck (who notes that Republican leaders have been suffering in the polls as much, if not more, than Obama).
  • Boris Shor profiles some of the Republican candidates who may win seats in the U.S. House next month, finding that some of them are surprisingly moderate.
  • David Karol explains the fascinating history of trade policy battles between the parties and between the White House and Congress.
  • Early voting both decreases overall turnout and enhances the income-based voting gap.  Other than that, it's perfect.
  • Dan Maes is consistently polling under 10 percent.


Jonathan Bernstein said...


I'm really disappointed. You easily could have done a post on Tin Lincecum, giving you three Freak posts in a row. I'm not sure there's any obvious 4th one, but I can't believe you missed the chance at three straight.

Seth Masket said...

I don't do baseball posts. Although I've been meaning to rebut your senseless attack on my childhood hero Steve Garvey.

I suppose I could have mentioned Rick James.