Monday, August 1, 2011

You think the Bush tax cuts are temporary? A play in one act

Scene: Third presidential debate, October 2012. In the most recent tracking polls, Obama leads the Republican nominee by only two points.
GOP nominee: "Mr. President, are you going to raise the American people's taxes this December? Or can you promise all of us right now that you will extend the Bush tax cuts?"
Obama: "Homina homina homina..."
Well, what do you think he says?


John H Kennedy, Denver CO said...

I think Obama extends the 'Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich' as many times as his WallStreet handlers want him to.

Alex said...

John's got it right. You just repeat "tax the rich" over and over again. Force the Republican nominee to defend tax cuts for rich people. It won't work.

Steve Greene said...

Not that I have any confidence at all in him playing this right, but can't he basically follow Chait's advice? Say he'll extend the tax cuts only below $250K, and then call the Republicans bluff in December, presuming they'll actually forgo all the tax cuts before seeing the rich only get a tax hike.

Anonymous said...

I think the President could attack the GOP by emphasizing only the rich, or making a pledge he doesn't keep as Bush 41 did.

I hope he would follow Chait's advice, but Seth does underline what a difficult thing it will be.