Friday, February 22, 2008

The down side of high turnout

Apparently, 172 of the delegates elected at Democratic caucuses throughout Denver on February 5th are ineligible, mainly because they're not registered Democrats. Some were Greens, some were Republicans. Overwhelming turnout is blamed for this -- literally 10 times as many people turned out in Denver's Democratic caucuses this year than showed up in 2004.

Elected delegates who are not eligible to serve received a letter from the Denver Democratic Party informing them as such. I know because I received one of those letters. Now, I don't know how many of these problem delegates are like me, but I actually am properly registered -- I confirmed this over the phone with the county registrar. They just didn't update their public listings. So now I have to go get certified proof of my party registration and bring it to a county Democratic meeting on Monday night.

Okay, I'm just one case, but maybe, just maybe, the problem wasn't all with the caucus-goers.

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