Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Um, this speech is really good

Text here.

No time to analyze it now, and I'm really not sure how it will be perceived, but I thought it was amazing. I'm probably too close, but right now it seems like one of the best speeches ever given on race in America. Tell me I'm wrong.


saribotton said...

You are not wrong. That was an amazing and important speech. Brian cried. (Don't tell him I told you that.)

lidzville said...

This is a parochial response, but I hope one of the long term effects of the speech is that pundits shut up. I read somebody yesterday, forget whom, who argued that this was one of the first times in decades that a politician effectively resisted the media's ability to lower the debate. Obama's a better writer than most of the journalists covering him, so they sorta have to shut up, because they can't match him rhetorically. I read it as a giant fuck you to the Chris Matthews sort of dialogue, and hopefully it humbled those jerks just a little. Let's see if that sticks.