Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Big Day

I woke up this morning in the middle of a 1992 flashback. I was a GOTV organizer for the Clinton/Gore team in Phillipsburg, NJ* that year. I'd spent the second half of October putting together teams of volunteers** who would be walking precincts on election day. I didn't need to be at work until 10 on election day, though, so I woke up rather leisurely and spent a lot of time just thinking about what the day would mean. The polls had been closing slightly, and no one was really sure what would happen with Perot's voters, but it still looked pretty good for Clinton, and I was proud and honored to have played some part in that.

Anyway, I had that same vibe this morning. Then I got in the car just as the radio started playing Springsteen's "Glory Days," which felt strangely appropriate. The kids and I rocked out for a while.

So while there's still some uncertainty and anticipation in the air, let's just enjoy a few moments, okay?

*Yes, New Jersey was once considered a swing state. Prior to 1992, it hadn't gone Democratic since 1964.
**We paid our "volunteers" $25 a shift, if you can believe that.

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Eric Rubin said...

I remember that grand time back in 1992. You were staying with me and my family and i was a snot nosed 17 year old who couldn't vote yet. But i helped out and canvassad with you and i even got some of my friends to help. it was a great day and great victory for Clinton. Today will be another great day for us.

p.s. Bruce is the real Messiah!!