Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frakkin' good ending

Galactica spoiler alert. If you haven't seen the final episode, please don't read...

Okay, so apparently Chief is going to the British Isles? (Galen. Nice.) Um, is he going to build Stonehenge? I know that doesn't make much sense. He can't do that alone, and Stonehenge isn't 150,000 years old. But the episode got me thinking about that bit from the first season when they went into that temple on Kobol and got to see the skies from the perspective of Stonehenge, presumably on Earth. Which Earth were they on? I assume the Cylon one, since no one (aside from the indigenous hominids) had ever been on "our" Earth before. But why did the constellations look right from the Cylon Earth? Or did they? I'd have to see that again.

And just who are Chip Six and Chip Baltar? Presumably some kind of angels? So who's God? And why doesn't he like to be called that? Did Daniel somehow re-emerge from the Cylon resurrection ships and obtain godlike powers? Was it he who resurrected Starbuck (his daughter?) to fulfill some mission? Did he so love us that he gave us his only daughter to die for our sins and redeem us?

I guess we'll never get these answers, but man, what a cool ending. Usually final episodes can be absurdly schmaltzy (MASH) or can work so hard to tie up loose ends that they just don't feel like the show anymore (Friday Night Lights). This one did a nice job of tying up very complex story lines but still leaving a lot of interesting questions out there.

Very nice review here.


Anonymous said...

Confused now: Friday Night Lights already has a series finale? I thought the show was ongoing. I assume this is more of your internet hocus-pocus, Masket.

Seth Masket said...

Sorry, Ari, FNL's final season already ran on DirecTV. I didn't mean to spoil anything. Suffice it to say that Tami dies but is resurrected, baby Gracie is half Cylon... oops, I've said too much.