Monday, March 2, 2009

Pluralism on campus

I am told that there will be a demonstration by DU students opposed to the possible tobacco ban tomorrow at 11:50 in front of my building. I have to say that I'm excited, and I plan to show up with a camera. Unlike my undergraduate institution, this school does not have a particularly storied history of campus activism (an older colleague told me he knew the Vietnam War was ending when he finally saw DU students protesting it). So I'm always interested to see what it takes for students to actually organize and participate.

The student senate has already voted in favor of the tobacco ban, so I assume the purpose of this demonstration is to suggest to the chancellor, who will ultimately decide the issue, that students are far from monolithic in their support of the senate's actions.

If any of the demonstrator's organizers are reading this blog, please accept one bit of advice: no giant papier mâché figures. I have never yet seen a successful political movement that used them. Also, they're really annoying.

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