Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kagan in HD3?

I'm hearing rumors that the CO House District 3 vacancy committee has selected my friend and fellow convention delegate Daniel Kagan. I hope this is true -- he'd be a great pick.

Update: County Dem party chair Cindy Lowery confirms it. Congratulations, Daniel.

Later update: I was following this little election not just because Kagan is a friend, but also because he quite publicly "backed the wrong horse" last year -- he was an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter. He was one of the delegates who successfully campaigned for the roll call vote on the convention floor last summer. I was curious (as was Kagan) whether there'd be any sort of payback among fellow Democrats, whether a Clinton backer would be automatically disqualified in a vote among party insiders. It looks like the answer is no.

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Steve Balboni said...

Many of us backed the wrong horse. It was a special subset of that group though who chose to embarrass their party and their party's candidate at the convention.