Monday, May 18, 2009

Interrogating Spock

Spoiler alerts, etc.

A commenter at LGM writes,
I was thinking about this new timeline. Nero changed a lot of "history" in space local to Earth and Vulcan, but space is really big and lots of "future" events had already been set in motion. Moreover, Spock v1.0 is still hanging around, and he's a smart guy who's been around for a while. He knows about the existence of the Borg, the Q, the Dominion. He could probably calculate out the Botany Bay's current location. He knows that Earth will be destroyed if we don't find some humpback whales. V'ger, the Doomsday machine! The list goes on. I hope Spock has a long sit-down with Starfleet intelligence.
Good points! Nimoy's Spock seemed quite comfortable in messing with the timeline, divulging info about the future, etc. (After all, it's not the real timeline anymore.) What's he going to do about Kahn (who will cause his own death)? Or all the other threats out there that will lead to so much suffering? Does he just assume that it's a different universe than the one he knew, and things might turn out differently? Or does he be a total dick about it, suggesting that the Klingon High Council take a visit to the mining moon shortly before it explodes?

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