Monday, May 11, 2009

Replacement election tonight

The vacancy committee for Colorado's 33rd Senate District is meeting tonight to pick a replacement for Sen. Peter Groff, now on his way to DC. I'm curious how this will shake out. One of the candidates is Anthony Graves, a fellow delegate to the Democratic convention last summer and a current member of the DNC. He's running against former state house member Rosemary Marshall, school principal Michael Johnston, and a few others. Former Mayor Wellington Webb and his wife Wilma have already backed Graves, and this sort of pressure got two other candidates to drop out and endorse Graves. (Disclosure: I'm backing Graves.)

A straw poll at ColoradoPols shows support for Graves. I have no idea how representative that straw poll is of the "electorate" in this case, but I'm guessing not too many people outside of that group would care to register such an opinion. Also, I'm pretty sure all the candidates were Obama backers last year, so we don't have that interesting angle to examine.

This is a safe Democratic district. A small number of people tonight will be picking someone who could theoretically serve until 2019. Fun stuff!

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