Monday, August 31, 2009

Helpful teaching links

If you're teaching about the presidency, you'll love these. First is the Washington Post's POTUS Tracker. It displays the president's daily schedule in convenient graphical form, so you can see how much attention he devotes to which issues and which members of his administration. Biggest surprise: Malia and Sasha get more face time than Rahm or Pelosi. I guess sometimes family comes first.

I also wanted to recommend Seth Hill's graph of American military fatalities. Biggest surprises: the lethality of the Korean War and the weirdly symmetrical curve of Vietnam fatalities.


Robert said...

Interesting links. In the "Can't Get no Respect" Department, I note that the POTUS tracker does not have a listing for Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO). But there is a Senator Michael Bennett of Alaska who apparently appeared with the President at a couple of events in Colorado.

Seth Masket said...

Well, our Bennet's still a freshman. If Obama starts logging time with Romanoff, though, this becomes an issue.