Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Losing it

This flyer was recently posted outside the office of the Colorado Democratic Party in Denver:
Just following up... the offices of the Colorado Democratic Party were vandalized last night. Every window was broken. And yes, as Coloradopols noted, the perpetrator apparently believes Obamacare = Nazism and is willing to employ Kristallnacht techniques to prove his point.

Update... This story's getting weirder. The suspect the police have in custody worked for a Democrat-affiliated 527 last year and is a member of a left-wing cyclist group. One can certainly speculate here. Maybe he thought Obama had sold out. Maybe he wanted to frame conservatives for the attack. Maybe he's just messed up.

At any rate, my original partisan outrage is transforming into... what? Curosity? Yes, that, and some guilt for the original partisan outrage. Clearly, some people, like me, should take a breather and wait a few minutes before reacting to vague news stories. Hopefully, the police will help fill in some of the blanks in this odd account.

If you feel like helping out the state Democratic Party as it cleans up from the vandalism, click here.

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