Thursday, October 1, 2009

New layout

I received an award-winning masthead suggestion from Cousin Eric, which I am now using. I'm also trying out a new color scheme. Feedback welcome.


Eric Rubin said...

As with all designs I have done, the client always chooses the option I liked the least. with that said, I stand behind my work and I am enjoying the new look and feel.

I went for a metaphorical masthead - your blog posts are rising above the rest (the clouds and mountains are representing self-indulgent bloggers) to reach toward the eternal truth (which in my mind is that the Red States should be burned down - Call it lack of civility, I don't care).

cuzin e

Seth Masket said...

I just saw Enik as the Sun, with all light and knowledge emanating from him. Yes, that's pretty much how I see myself.

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