Thursday, October 15, 2009

The stability of party ID

Quin Monson of BYU has some cool findings about the stability of party
identification, drawing on these wonderful CCAP panel studies. The
greatest stability in party ID is found among strong partisans and
independents. There's an interesting campaign effect, too: People who
exposed to heavy campaigning and zero campaigning have the most stable
PID. Shifts are found among those with only partial campaign exposure.


Lidzville said...

There's strong party ID among independents? I thought independents were people without a party?

Thanks for the cliffs notes version of all this, btw. It's so much cheaper than actually going to grad school would have been.

Seth Masket said...

It's not that they have strong party ID. It's that their identity as independents is highly stable. Whereas leaners are all over the place.