Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Exit polls are up

MSNBC has a nice summary. The breakdown between Clinton and Obama is really interesting. Clinton won the traditional Democratic constituencies - poorer voters, union members, Catholics, less educated folks, etc. Obama won the younger, wealthier, more educated, self-decribed independents, etc. -- the Macintosh people. The same people who backed Gary Hart, Adlai Stevenson, Howard Dean, yadda yadda. Think about it.

Oh, and Clinton won by 12 points among women, unlike what happened in Iowa.

Update: The late deciders are interesting. Obama beat Clinton among those who decided in the last three days, 37-34. Clinton beat Obama among those who decided today, 39-36. That's not a huge shift, but given that 17% of voters reported having decided today, that may have made the difference.

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