Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh, you voters you

Voters often surprise me with their understanding of politics. They occasionally get stuff, and even when they're not well informed, they can sometimes serve to bring some accountability to the system. That is, they notice when truly awful things are happening, and they punish the people in charge.

That said, it's hard not to be a bit disappointed in voters lately. I get that they don't have strong opinions about a lot of political issues, but on many things, they're profoundly wrong. Why have they persistently found John Edwards to be the most conservative of the three major Democratic presidential candidates, even though he's the one talking like Eugene V. Debs? Why do voters consider Hillary Clinton the candidate of experience, when she's had approximately the same amount of elected office experience as Edwards and Obama? Why do Republican voters who are against the Iraq War support John McCain, who has been one of the most steadfast war supporters in the GOP? Why are Democrats so enthusiastic about Barack Obama, even though he commits offenses like praising Ronald Reagan or saying there's a Social Security "crisis"?

Come on, voters! I'm pulling for you, but you make it hard sometimes. It's like rooting for Cal football.

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