Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Intraparty tensions

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A Colorado Clinton delegate, Sacha Millstone of Boulder, has been called onto the carpet for saying disparaging things about Barack Obama. It doesn't sound like the state party is going to strip her of her delegate status, but I'm guessing they were considering it. This comes on the heels of a similar incident in Wisconsin, where a Clinton delegate actually was removed from that state's delegation for threatening to vote for McCain. One can see further evidence of such tensions in this interesting Denver Post story on Colorado's Clinton delegates.

The big cause among Clinton supporters right now seems to be that her name is formally submitted for nomination at the convention and that a full vote is held. See this press release by Clinton Democrats for more. Some of the comments there are very telling. For example:
If Hillary’s name is not on the ballot in Denver, I will make sure that I am no longer a registered Democrat and will support the Republican nominee.
I am really curious how or whether this gets resolved in the next two weeks.

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