Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Poll movement?

It's way too early to know if this trend is real, but at least in a few surveys, McCain appears to be tied with Obama. What's weird is that Obama didn't go down in the polls; McCain went up. I find that weird because it follows a week or so of McCain going pretty nasty and negative on Obama, while Obama tried to stay above the fray for the most part. So there were pretty much no positive images of McCain out there and lots of negative images of Obama. Why didn't it pull Obama down? Why do views of McCain seem to be improving?


Anonymous said...

Uh, perhaps because Americans equate cheap and mean with strong, masculine and effective, thus presidential. Too simple?


AnnM said...

Is there a change in the undecideds?

If you already support Obama you're not going to listen to the negative crap from the McCain camp. But the undecideds might.