Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Et tu, Old Dominion?

Hey, when did Virginia turn blue? Yikes.


Eric Rubin said...

that map sure is exciting to look at. is there any way obama loses this election? i've read about the bradley effect, but i cant see it having that much of an impact on such a large, national race.

McCain's mobs are not grabbing the attention of undecideds. Obama's message seems to be resonating with the public. Hope vs. Hate. Thank god the american public is choosing Hope.

p.s. i am VERY excited for V.

AnnM said...

Hey, pay attention. It's been that way seems like 4-ev-a. Maybe a couple or 3 weeks. About the same time CO went blue?

The Obama signs finally outnumber the McCain signs in McLean. Dunno about the rest of the state. But one of my neighbors dropped off a ridiculously misleading printout regarding Obama's MARGINAL tax rates, repeating endlessly, "We can't afford Obama."