Monday, October 27, 2008

New ad technique

This is a truly impressive ad. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, running for her political life in Colorado's 4th CD, is attacking her Democratic challenger, Betsy Markey, by using a Markey impersonator in an ad. I really don't recall seeing anything like this before.

The possibilities are limitless. Maybe McCain could run an ad in which an Obama impersonator sets bombs next to preschools while screaming "God damn America!" And Obama could run ads in which a McCain impersonator stands there and says, "I'm a stupid moron, with an ugly face, and a big butt, and my butt smells, and I like to kiss my own butt."


Anonymous said...

First a Public Enemy reference and now Simpsons. Makes my night.

Anonymous said...

there was one against musgrave in 2004 where an impersonator in a pink skirt suit sneaks up on an american soldier in iraq and steals cash out of his pockets...that's a favorite

also one that I don't remember where she's stealing from the dead:

Anonymous said...

It's gooood that Bart did that.